The Fastest Way to Clean Your Oven Glass

Alright, so it’s fairly humiliating to publish such an unpleasant oven photo online yet it’s reality. We MAY have actually made 20 a lot of meals of jalapeno poppers as well as cooking baking in the stove. The grease splatters were out of this globe! I first tried to make use of a magic eraser with water which obtained one layer of the yuck but the grease lines didn’t move.

I put about 3/4 cup of warm water onto the stove glass after that sprinkled sodium bicarbonate to cover it. I let it rest for 30 secs then crumpled up a ball of aluminium aluminum foil and started to scrub. Barely also pressing, the grease started to disappear!! I rubbed it in circular movements up until clean. I cleaned it up with paper towels but you will require some new fresh water to obtain the sodium bicarbonate movie totally gone.

I can inform you after you do this, you will certainly feel so pleased with yourself! I actually can not believe this technique takes regarding 3 mins begin to end up

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